Hayley Reardon is fascinated by the mystery of knowing. Her latest release, entitled Where I Know You, artfully explores what it means to see and understand both ourselves and the people around us. The project offers a deeply personal reflection on the way in which stories allow us to know parts of people that are no longer there.  

For Reardon, this EP is a celebration of coming home to herself and sharing the stories of people that have influenced her own life narrative. Growing up in Massachusetts, Reardon’s passion for story began at a very young age when she picked up her mother’s old Epiphone and began writing folk songs. Since her early beginnings, Reardon has shared the stage with acts like Lori McKenna, Rodney Crowell, Anais Mitchell, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Birds of Chicago, among others. She has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. Her raw artistry boasts a lyrical and melodic weight far beyond her years, proven in her previous releases. Her music has been described as “brilliantly moving folk/pop with a lyrical depth and soul” (Performer Magazine) and “a melancholy little masterpiece” (American Songwriter Magazine). No Depression writes "Reardon is truly a treasure," and with this latest release it is clear that she is reconnecting with herself and her creativity like never before.

The result, Where I Know You, contains an understated depth and wisdom that has far more in common with the likes of Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, and Tracy Chapman than many of today’s young pop singer/songwriters. Through her soft guitar picking and distinctively rich voice, Reardon eloquently recalls the folk tradition of yesterday with an unmistakably modern acoustic sound. It is her gift for relatable songwriting, however, that enables her to hold listeners in the palm of her hand with intimately vulnerable and contemplative lyrics.

You can hear that intimacy in the single “Where I Know You” as Reardon softly sings “when we finally found the grave/ I saw your father on your face.” Further listening of the EP reveals several melodic and lyrical hooks like that of the chorus in “Bethany” where she sings “she was free but freedom never comes easy/ and love it never comes freely.” Inviting all to huddle in closer, Reardon becomes a teller of tales as each track reflects a different piece of personal history.

The idea behind Where I Know You was born after Hayley embarked on an unique tour of intimate spaces and non-traditional venues across the UK in 2017. With the help of London based production company, Webb Street Studios, Reardon created “The Handwritten Sessions,” subsequently releasing a candid live video series and tour documentary. “On that tour there was nothing to hide behind,” Reardon explains, “it was just me in a living room or a barn or a backyard, sometimes even without amplification. All I had were these stories of my life and the people who have shaped it — and for the first time that felt like enough.”