Lyrics - "The High Road"

The High Road


This, this aint about me

And I’m going easy

Easy on you now

I know you say

I Could have took the high road

But I an’t never seen no high road

Along this side of town (have you?)


At least I only want

What I say I do

I may be last to dance

But hell I’m first to move

And if I ever tried to pull off

All the crazy things you do

I’d want you to skip the high road too


I’ve heard people say

You get what you pay for

And when it comes to love, well

They say you get all that and more

But you came cheap broken from the start

And it didn’t cost a dime to watch you

Tear it all apart




When are you every gonna learn my friend

There ain’t gonna be no hearts left to bend

If you won’t just break em, break em, break em