Lyrics - "The Going"

The Going


Do you feel it in your airport sleeping

Your backseat dreaming

You find that pretty silence that breathes when

You start to feel the music behind you like movie

Only movement can send you dancing

With the magic you forgot you still need


And oh, we go down

We come back up

We go down, we come back

And oh, we go down

We come back up, we come back up

And it’s well worth knowing

Why it is that the going get going


Does it hit you in your bones like seasons

Your finger ache with reasons

Why its getting too still here to breathe when

You’re face to face with your life for a second

But then you feel like the carpet again

I don’t blame nobody for running

I owe the going my best defense




The sun don’t come up

The morning after he gets wasted

We can’t all wait on the light

Some of us have got to chase it