Lyrics - "Count"



Here we go talking

We’re talking like people now

Moving our hands around

Here we go walking

We’re walking like people now

Wishing our hearts made sounds

Half as loud as our footsteps do


And oh, maybe in the last round

We can lay our heads down

And say it only mattered cause we made it matter

We made it all, we made it all count


The days they go turning

We fold them like pages now

Tape ‘em up in the boxes

We don’t need those old books here laying around

That’s when the people get talking

Let the words steal their heartbeats again

Remember the moments in boxes

We thought useless

Thank god they’re still under our beds


And oh, when you’re looking from the last round

You’re laying with your head down

You’ll say it only mattered cause we made it

It only mattered cause we made it home